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14 Feb

   “Waco – A New Revelation” Turns Washington Upside Down!

    And look who is appointed to protect the establishment!    And look who will ‘star’ in our next documentary film!

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"Waco- A New Revelation" Video Sleeve Art 1999 Premier


Hey! What are you guys looking at? FBI HRT agents Mt Carmel S-2 sniper post, March 1993.


Back Side of Mt Carmel from S-2 , some time in March of 1993


FBI snipers with heavy equipment , .50 cal Barret rifle, Mt Carmel March 1993.



New Film born out of chaos…

Late summer of 1999 was just insane.  Jason Van Vleet, our esteemed Director and Editor, was trying desperately to retrieve the final cut of the new film from the editing computer that we called the “Beast.” What he didn’t know at the time was that he had “stacked” dozens to hundreds of different cuts of different scenes on the hard drive, and simply choked the life out of the poor thing. This unknown malady caused untold grief for Jason and all of us for a very long and critical time.  Meanwhile, Jason’s Dad, Rick Van Vleet, our Executive Producer, and I began setting up the premier for the film to be shown at a theater in Union Station in Washington DC, just steps away from the Capital.  At that time we weren’t aware of the extent of Jason’s problem with the computer, so we were full steam ahead, heading for a huge potential train wreck – a full theater and no film! With the help of two great friends, Col. Roger Charles and Scott Malone, we had managed to set up two screenings with huge invite lists including all the Federal players all the way up to Mrs. Clinton and the President. There were to be two separate screenings. Right before the Press screening the VIP’s would be leaving their event and the press could ask them how they liked it on the way into their screening. Col. Charles knew most of the military Washington crowd and Scot Malone know all the political players and some of the high-ranking military folks we wanted to receive personal invitations to the screening.  There were many interesting steps that we did to insure that these folks got their personal invitations. For example, making sure that an invitation was placed on the main entre plate at a high-class, exclusive restaurant where a well-known Senator was about to take his mistress for a romantic, little soiree. Our pal Scotty tracked down a three star general in command of CAG while he was out jogging and handed him his invitation with a polite tip of the hat. The General’s security detail was not amused, but the General had a big grin on his face when he saw what it was. Heard they changed the leadership of the detail after that encounter. They should have hired ol’ Scotty.

 In the mean time we “leaked” a bit of news to a friendly reporter and after showing her some of the films footage, she broke the story of the pyrotechnics used by the FBI just before the scheduled premier in Washington! That worked beautifully.  Attorney General Reno was, unbeknownst to us, ambushed in her weekly news conference and the pyrotechnics questions were embarrassing. The press again covered the “dead” Waco story twenty-four-seven. We were getting more than 600 calls from the press, a day! We were ready for a great launch of our second film…small problem. Jason was finding out just how deep the issue was regarding the running of the computer to get a final cut – it wasn’t running, at all. So Jason and a bunch of computer geeks worked on the damn thing 24-seven. The rest of us prayed and worked on the set up in Washington. Eventually, Jason got the computer working – sort of.  Rick, God love him, stepped up and said the show must go on! And it did. Rick paid to have this monster computer set up 8 feet tall and four feet square at the base, a huge computer rack. In fact it amounted to a couple of master computers with dozens of sub-hard drives all linked together. It weighed almost a thousand pounds and the wheels it was mounted on were always breaking.  Rick had the whole shebang flown to Washington.

 The thing worked fine for the first showing. Well it went to digital, broken image, a couple of times, but who’s counting? Then it broke down and stopped during the press second screening for about ten minutes. By then poor Jason was convinced that the FBI had planted some bugs in the equipment and I wasn’t so sure he wasn’t right. There had been several BATF and FBI personnel at the first screening. But what the heck, we played it, the folks were amazed and it gave us what we had hoped for in a premier – Lots of exposure.  Then the only problem was how to get the darned thing to give us our final master copy so we could release the film!


Mike McNulty Premier of "Waco- A New Revelation", Washington, DC November 1999


Congressman Cliff Stearns, Fla R ( right), MGA Films Staff in back ground, Mr Rick Van Vleet, Executive Producer, MGA Films, ( center) and Mike McNulty ( Left) at Premier.



Mr March Bell, Chief Congressional Investigator, Republican Staff, (right) MGA Films staff in back ground and Mike McNulty, (left)



Dr. Fred Whitehurst, FBI Crime Lab Ret. (left) Mike McNulty (Center), Rick Van Vleet (right) at premier Nov 1999.

The long and the short of it was that the computer didn’t reveal its secrets for six more very long months. We lost the momentum of the premier opening and that screwed the up the roll out of the film to the general Public.

The press went on without us, of course, and our initial release was late. This gave Reno the opportunity to take the stage and so she appointed former Senator Jack Danforth (R-Mo) as the Special counsel to investigate our allegations about the FBI’s conduct at Waco. Reno recused herself and appointed her own deputy AG as the person directing the Danforth efforts from the Justice Department. This person became the Master Cover-up Deputy AG in-charge.



Reno introduces Danforth to the Press Dec. 1999'.

“Undertaker Jack” and the burial of the Waco story


One of the key issues of “Waco- A New Revelation” had been the use of the pyrotechnic rounds at Mt Carmel on April 19th.  Reno handled the “Big Lie” on that score and the Corporate Media didn’t know any better so as to question on that issue, so the AG got a free ride, but she had other issues that she wanted dealt with like the allegation that the FBI engaged in a gun fight with the Davidians the morning of the fire. The plan was to pretty much “brush off” other things like the explosion on the roof of the bunker and the setting of the fire while the media’s attention was absorbed in the rigged, so-called, “re-creation “ of the alleged shooting incident. It was handled like a ‘circus’ at Ft hood Texas, much like the old Circus Maximus in the days of the failing Roman Empire. Keep the mob (the press) distracted with the gladiators and slaughter in the Coliseum, while the Politicians finish the work of destroying the underpinnings (the truth) of the Republic. And so it was that the “re-creation” became the mechanism for the “the new reality” of the outcome of Danforth’s so-called investigation. So we decided to do our own re-creation of the shooting events at Mt Carmel on April the 19th, and we called it “The F.L.I.R. Project.”     


THE F.L.I.R. PROJECT – PLAYING IN THE DARK…                                                                                           


FBI FLIR image of Mt Carmel showing damage to Gymnasium and tank going into front doors on April 19th, 1993.


The premise of the FLIR Project was our contention that the FBI Forward Looking Infra-Red video tape, made by the FBI from the air on April the 19th actually showed a gun battle going on up to and during the fire that day at Mt Carmel. The fight was between the FBI-HRT/Delta teams outside the building and the Davidians inside the building that was under assault by the tanks.

We had met with the Danforth representatives on several occasions and found the whole affair to be very tedious and one way. They wanted all of our information and were willing to share nothing. So we learned how to pick their brains while we had access and it seems they either didn’t know what we were doing or the folks we worked with sub-rosa, functioned with a wink and a nod. But we got the stuff we needed to prove that good old Republican Jack and the folks he was working for, The AG and her deputy, were rigging the game and we could show exactly how he/they did it. Now we needed to set up a righteous “re-creation” that accurately duplicated conditions, equipment and circumstances of that day in 1993. This was going to be fun, hard work and expensive, but fun.

The making of the “F.L.I.R. Project” and the surprises we found along the way…



Our fearless video crew from Advanced Media Services, led by a great videographer, Chris Bell (on the camera). AMS did all of the production and post-production work on the F.L.I.R. Project.


The man who made the FLIR Project work, Bob Ford, Owner of Rocky Mountain Arms. Head Gun Guy.


The FLIR Camera was 100 feet in the air above the action on the range in Tucson, Arizona.

Chief shooter, US Marshal Ret. David Heart testing some ammo with a member of the shooting staff.

Mike McNulty (left) discusses next shot with Official Observer Barbara Grant (right) while staff member prepares FLIR devise.

"Your going to put us where...?! asks Barbara Grant, Note of concern in her voice...she hated heights. But she was a trooper!

Reviewing shooting procedure for M-79 grenade Launcher with Dave Heart.

My favorite shot of Dave Hardy, Munchkin -in-charge of everything.

A more composed shot of Mr Hardy, attorney at Law in his offices.

Munchkin Dave helping out in the firing Line...Ah Dave, the firing line is HOT! Dave...?!

The Shooting and Atmospheric Team, Dave Heart(left), Mike McNulty (center) and Chuck Byers (right.)

Two members of the FLIR Team, Gen. Ben Parton USAF Ret, (left), and Richard Rochfort, FLIR Operator with the FLIR equipment, (center) and Mike McNulty, (right)

Dr. Fred Zegal, our FLIR scientist and Mike McNulty. Fred passed away not long after our film was released. He mysteriously contracted Blood Poisoning.

The heart of our Tucson group, the shooting support Team, Greg Taylor,Milton Schick, Rick Batory, Phil Murphy, Peter Hills, Walter Puczkowsky, and not in picture David Lee.

The first thing we did was gather a crack team of Forward Looking Infra- Red scientists. We decided to use a different scientist then we had used in the film, Dr. Edward Allard. We wanted to have a diverse opinion and so we obtained the services of a colleague of Dr. Allard’s from the Night Vision Laboratory in Maryland.  We also assembled a team of fire arms experts and a fine collection of the different weapons used at Waco by the government forces. Then we found a FLIR technician with the same type of FLIR device the FBI had used at Waco on the 19th.

  It took two sessions to do all the work we had and we were helped by my old friend David Hardy, attorney at law, in putting all this together. Our first shoot was done north of Ft. Collins, Colorado where we covered the basic issues, but we found that session posed more questions than it answered. So off to Tucson, Arizona, David’s home town and that’s were inspiration and effort came together to give us the answers we were looking for. The central problem was the size and duration of the muzzle flashes we saw on the video tape. We found through our investigations of Danforth’s “re-creation” circus, that the folks at Fort Hood had done a number of things to mitigate certain elements of the test. They watered down the testing grounds and covered them with tarps the night before the test, substantially altering the background temperature of the testing area and more importantly, eliminating all dust in the atmosphere. They used longer barreled weapons than used by the FBI at Waco and they used specially treated ammo (Military ammo) that substantially reduced the muzzle flash, instead of the standard commercial ammo used by the FBI at Waco. Still and all the muzzle flashes we were recording did not duplicate the size and duration of the flashes seen on the FLIR tape of April 19th

We tried a number of combinations and finally settled on a barrel length, atmospheric temperature, ammunition type and a secret ingredient – Dust in the air! Bingo. We duplicated the flashes on the FBI FLIR tape! You see the day of April 19th, 1993, was the windiest day of the year. I remembered seeing video on the ground where power lines and poles were blotted out by the dust in the air that day churned up by the tanks raging around the building all morning. And you recall that we said that the folks at the Ft Hood re-creation had watered down the test site the night before, and they didn’t let any of the vehicles move on the test site and there was no wind at Ft Hood, well, that put the truth to Danforth’s lie about gunfire from the FBI and Delta.


We threw dirt and dust into the air column in front of the M-16 as it fired to create dust in the atmosphere.



The heavy amounts of dirt showed as black or cold on the FLIR...


But, as the dirt dispersed in the air it became fine dust and that amplified the muzzle flash in both size and duration as the particulate heated up from hot muzzle gases from each of the rounds fired. And they matched the flashes on the FLIR video!

 There had been a gunfight and it was recorded on the FBI FLIR and we had a group of photo interpreters review the color photos made from the air by the FBI that day. We “borrowed“ these fellows from the CIA. One of them had been the fellow who had discovered the Russian missiles during the Cuban Missile Crises in the 60’s. They found the bodies of the Delta/HRT players in the rubble, in the firing positions that correlated with the FLIR gun fire images. We went a few steps further and proved conclusively that the muzzle flashes seen on the film could not be what the government claimed a “solar reflections.” What we had here in the government’s own footage was gun fire from Federal agents being directed at the Davidians in the building. But then there was something else we did in Tucson that wasn’t included in the “FLIR Project” film. It had to do with the fire on April 19th.

On April 19th the FBI had inserted what they called CS Gas, Actually CS is a dry powder compound and the FBI had mixed it with what is called a carrier agent. This material had a quality of rapid evaporation so the liquid would “carry” the CS dust particulate into a room for example and the liquid would evaporate very rapidly and leave the irritating particles suspended in the air to hopefully drive the occupants out of the building.  Although the government experts at the Congressional hearings claimed that the liquid used was not flammable, (they said you could put a lit match out in a cup of this material) – they had lied. The Federal Materials Safety Data Sheet, put out by DOW Chemical, on the liquid used said that it developed flammable fumes or vapors. The material used was Methylene Chloride – or paint stripper. We didn’t know how caustic that stuff was until we put some in a plastic spray bottle to spray some of it into the air column in front of a firing M-16 rifle.


Dow Material Safety Data Sheet on Methylene Chloride.


Methylene Chloride used by FBI as "Carrier Agent" for CS Dust Particulate as tested at FLIR Project Tucson facilities Fall of 1999'

After two or three sprays it ate the guts out of the spray mechanism and wouldn’t pump anymore! Once we got a number of bottles to work long enough the stuff lit up and produced a large muzzle flash-ignition on regular video tape, still cameras didn’t capture it, but it produced a thirty foot muzzle flash on the FLIR camera! The ignition of the Methylene Chloride was very hot and burned much like alcohol used in racing cars. You generally don’t see it burning with the naked eye, however, our video and FLIR did capture it.  Answer – yes Methylene Chloride Vapors are very flammable!



The man spaying the Methylene Chloride can be seen behind the shooter, man with the ground video camera can be seen extreme left and the FLIR camera is up at the top of the crane /boom. The MC could not be seen with the naked eye or the still camera. We did capture the ignition on the aerial video both regular and FLIR.

The FBI had pumped in gallons of this stuff over the course of the 6 hours before the fire started. I reviewed the FBI 302 reports from Agents who had been stationed around the building that morning.  Three or four of them had observed a Davidian inside the second story SE corner of the building wearing a black ninja suit. He had an AK-47 and when the CEV tank had torn out the corner of the wall and inserted the last charge of CS directly into the room they all had seen and heard the Davidian fire his weapon at the retreating tank. Within a minute the observers had reported a fire had started at that location. We contend that the fire was accidentally ignited by the discharge of the Davidian’s weapon in the heavily laden atmosphere of Methylene Chloride vapors in the room from the immediately preceding insertion of the material by the FBI CEV at that location.

 That was the first fire seen that morning at the front of the building. We also contend that some of the other fires started in the building thereafter were advanced by the heavy presence of the Methylene Chloride vapors in the building that day. And in conclusion, we believe that the use of that material by the FBI at Mt Carmel constitutes an act of arson by the Government. It should also be noted that the Danforth investigation never conducted any tests regarding the flammability of the CS gas and its carrier agent, Methylene Chloride. The Danforth investigators simply took the word of the Federal Fire Investigators retained by the BATF, that, ‘… the CS and Methylene Chloride were NOT flammable, and therefore safe to use in the way the FBI used it.’ They lied during the Congressional investigations and they lied again when questioned by the Danforth investigators. One should note. When CS is burned it produces Hydrogen Cyanide Gas, the lethal gas used in execution chambers to kill convicted murderers. A number of the Davidian dead had very high levels of Cyanide in their blood streams during the autopsies.









VHS Sleeve Art for "The FLIR Project" Feb. 2000'








The twisted body of a ten-year old child recovered from the 'Bunker' that suffered the bone breaking muscle contractions from Hydrogen cyanide poisining generated by the burning CS gas., April 19, 1993.

Lest we forget the true “victims ” of the Waco tragedy…

By the time the “F.L.I.R. Project” came out the Justice Department had also released its ‘preliminary’ Danforth report.  In that document all responsibility was laid on David Koresh. The apparent gun fight between the FBI and Davidians was denied – it never happened. The Davidians started the fire.

In a related controversy, the hole in the roof of the “bunker” was linked to an alleged box of ‘home-made’ black powder hand grenades going off (simultaneously?) on the roof of the bunker. Our explosives experts said that, even if they somehow exploded at the same time, they simply wouldn’t have had enough energy to blast a 24” hole through 8 inches of steel reinforced concrete, what was used was a high order shape charge designed to breach that kind of structure. It was of military origin.

Danforth submitted his final report on the events that transpired between March first (he refused to deal with the BATF raid on Feb 28) and April 19th. COPS Productions sent copies of the “FLIR Project” by certified mail to John C. Danforth and his boss, the Deputy Attorney General. Never the less, Danforth insisted it was all Koresh’s fault, the business about the “box of grenades was left out of the final report and the hole in the roof was not dealt with. The “gun fight” appearing on the FBI FLIR tape did not happen, the flashes seen were “solar flares or reflections”, and the fire was started solely by the Davidans on David Koresh’s orders. The FBI was innocent of all our allegations and Danforth passed this document onto the man who created and supervised this charade, the Deputy Attorney General, Eric H. Holder.



Cover Letter from Jack Danforth to Deputy AG Erick Holder from Danforth's Waco Investigation Budget document dated 12, 03,1999.




Will Holder surrender if confronted with all the evidence from "Fast and Furious?"

Will Holder Surrender… Congress seems to have lost its way, or will, to pursue him…there appears to be only one way to find out…do a Waco style investigative film about “Fast and Furious” and see who blinks!  “Blood on their Hands” is coming soon!


Stay tuned for COPS Production #5…

 In the next COPS Productions Blog # 5    (Coming the week of April 19th, 2012!)

What’s next for COPS Productions? More Citizen Journalism…

 The effects of “Operation Fast and Furious” will generate a new Documentary film, “Blood on their Hands.” The fundraising effort to make the film with public support will be launched on the 19th anniversary of the Waco Tragedy…stand by for more announcements and the long awaited COPS Productions Blog #5!



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      Thank you folks, for your kind words. I hope others feel the same way. It’s clear to me that after almost 20 years the American Corporate media is not interested in the truth about Waco or any of the other government instigated tragedies that have occurred. It seems they believe the American people are asleep or just not paying attention. They seem to think that we just don’t care what the government does with the likes of the Branch Davidians or the folks of Ruby Ridge or the innocents that lost their lives in the Oklahoma City Bombing. Well, those days are over! The future will unfold on these pages in the days to come.
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