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15 Sep

As a result of “Operation Fast and Furious…”

…Hundreds have died and thousands are suffering… And more are yet to die…is there innocent blood on this man’s hands?


               [ Where we are going , September 15, 2012…See end comment for a hint!]                  




For about a year now two men have stood alone in the gap between Truth and Justice attempting to wage a war of principle.

On rare occasions, reporters from the ranks of the media, our “Public Watch Dog”, have joined in their chorus, voicing soft questions and occasionally demanding the truth.  Compared to the scale of the crimes alleged, this presents a weak voice lost to all but a few citizenswho have seen this evil before.  We know that the consequences of ignoring these criminal acts will be an ever escalating abuse of power (organized evil) in our society.  And the fact that it is emitting from the very leadership we elected to discourage such a presence in our Nation is most discouraging.

Attorney General Erick Holder’s involvement in “Operation Fast and Furious” seems to be a sign of the escalating abuse of power.

With an understanding of Eric Holders past involvement in covering up of crimes by federal law enforcement is key to understanding that the current Attorney

General appears to be involved in a “Continuing Criminal Enterprise…” or at least a cover-up – something that the Mafia would have been relentlessly prosecuted for in the days of President Jack Kennedy and Attorney General Bobby Kennedy.  This is not an issue of politics.  The “Fast and Furious” scandal is not about Democrats vs. Republicans.

It is about right and wrong, good versus evil, and where this country and its people stand.

We have a good idea where the Attorney General and his subordinates and supporters stand.  Now the only question is where do you and the American people stand in this fight.

We have only just begun to discover the complete truth of the misdeeds.  The utter disregard for the truth by the Attorney General, his staff and his political supporters is an absolute indicator that he personally has much to hide or he is covering up for others.  The Mainline Media, as the Public’s watch dog should be perusing this story with the same ravenous appetite they exhibited in their righteous pursuit of Richard Nixon and the “Watergate” players.  

If they had, we would know who created Fast and Furious, who ordered it put into action, how many federal offices supported the sale of assault weapons and other US guns to the Mexican Cartels, why gun shops were told by federal law enforcement to sell the guns to phony buyers, why the guns were never tracked by the federal authorities who authorized their illegal sale, why Mexico was never told of the sale of the guns to the Cartels, and how many American and Mexican citizens were killed with these guns, and last, but not least, why did the FBI supply the Tax payer dollars with which to make the illegal purchases in the first place.

A New Voice needs to be heard from…

We, at COPS Productions believe that this is the time for a new voice to be heard in the course of public discussion of this matter.  That voice is Yours!  We are inviting you, in a very special way, to join COPS Productions in the making of a feature-length investigative documentary film focusing on “Operation Fast and Furious.”

Our production staff will include my old friend Attorney David Hardy from the Waco days. Having worked with the Justice department in the past as a Federal Attorney for the EPA, David is our best resource on Holder’s Justice Department and the other US attorneys involved . . . and David is quite the expert on the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms which is part of the Department of Justice.

In addition, we will be joined by our old friend  Dr. Fred Whitehurst, Retired FBI, who will amongst other things, provide the film with his deep, rich narration voice once again. The production crew will come from our old friends at Advanced Media.  Mr. Chris Bell and his team of pros who helped us produce the “FLIR Project” in 2000 will provide all of the technical support our team will need.  There are several others joining our experienced and proven team. And, of course, I will be joining these fantastic friends and colleagues for the fourth time in my twenty years of chasing the truth.

 “Blood on their Hands?”  – Can be summed up with this question:


     Why would the Attorney general of the United States…                 



    Give our money…                                                                                                 


    And Guns like these…                                                                                                                        


    To Cartel Criminals like these…                                                                                                             


         all in the name of the American Peoples’s government?


         We would like the answer to that question, wouldn’t you?

          Be a  part of  making this Documentary film…

          “Blood on their Hands”     Let’s get some answers!


First my observations:

To the Republican Establishment from the rest of us:

Do Not subvert the rule of law for a warped form of political correctness.

If you believe that Holder was in Contempt – find him so and any other man

or woman who does this, regardless of color or Party affiliation!

Lady Justice is “Blind folded” for a reason! It’s called due process,

each of us in entitled to it, especially Eric Holder.

Now, Please read this story. It will make your blood boil! It comes courtesy of George Mason (aka Mike Vanderboegh.)


The cautious approach that top Republicans have taken on whether to vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress has sparked a new round of hand-wringing over the party’s direction on Capitol Hill.

“A GOP aide also warned against a racial backlash if Republicans are seen as unfairly targeting the first black attorney general, who is serving under the first black president. “Especially after Trayvon,” the aide said, referring to slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.”

Specifically, conservatives want bolder, more aggressive leadership from House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and the rest of GOP high command — on Holder and the broader Republican agenda heading into November.

The feeling was best illustrated Wednesday at the Capitol Hill Club, a private GOP haunt adjacent to the Republican National Committee’s offices.

More than a dozen conservative lawmakers — including Republican Study Group Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio — met there for dinner, and the topic of conversation veered toward how to push leadership to pursue a “more profound direction” forward, according to several lawmakers in attendance.

The main topic: Why, conservatives ask, is the party holding back when it has spent a year waiting — fruitlessly — for Holder to comply with a subpoena?

(Also on POLITICO: GOP leaders slow on contempt vote)

More broadly, why isn’t the GOP trying to draw a more stark contrast with President Barack Obama? Republicans, the red-meat legislators believe, should be forcing more votes on the massive overhauls of government they promised.

Passing the budget of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is a start, but hardly enough, they say. Republicans should be touting their proposed overhaul of Medicare and Medicaid and passing more bills to show that their plan to deal with the nation’s crumbling entitlement system is more responsible than Obama’s, the lawmakers argue.

In short, these conservatives want more from Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.)

“There’s no use to having the majority if you are going to be hamstrung by your perception of political vicissitudes,” said Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina , who was at the dinner.

“We do not want to play a game where we adopt a playing-not-to-lose mentality,” added Rep. Steve Southerland of Florida.“We want to play to win. You have to know when and where to take your shots. What our dinner was about was [deciding] where do we feel that we can continue to push … [and] where it would be wrought with danger.”

Of the lawmakers at the confab — several spoke anonymously, others for attribution — the common thread was that it’s time to push leadership further.

“What I’m saying is, where there is no vision, the people perish,” Southerland said. “That’s biblical. So what I’m saying is we need to cast our vision. I think our vision, when compared to the president’s vision, is a stark contrast.”

One example of such pressure on leadership is coming soon. Conservatives — primarily those on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee — are circulating a letter to Boehner pressing him on his handling of the “Fast and Furious” scandal.

During a private meeting with Cantor and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Boehner decided to slow the pace of Committee Chairman Darrell Issa. But the speaker also said he supports holding the administration accountable and said he’s open to all options in the investigation of the botched Fast and Furious program, in which guns were sold to Mexican cartels, resulting in deaths of federal agents. Issa and his committee expected to vote on the contempt citation this week, according to lawyers who were preparing for a hearing.

Of course, politicians challenging their leadership for clearer direction is an age-old drama for both parties on Capitol Hill. Just ask House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who all-too-frequently had to brush back concerns from liberals that she was kowtowing to moderates. Boehner, too, has become accustomed to hearing gripes from his party’s right wing.

But the tension between conservatives and GOP leadership is still noteworthy, coming in the lead-up to the critical November election as Democrats try to win back control of the chamber.

“We’ve been concerned that we’re not using this year as some of us would like to, which is laying down markers,” said Rep. Mick Mulvaney, another South Carolina Republican who attended the dinner. “Why aren’t we taking up [the 3,000th bill of this Congress] to tell people what we’d do to replace Obamacare? Why aren’t we laying down markers with what we’d do with comprehensive tax reform?”

The legislating that Republicans are doing in many instances isn’t the kind conservatives want.

Ninety-three Republicans voted against a deal negotiated in secret between Cantor and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) to extend the authority of the Export-Import Bank, which many conservatives dub a form of welfare. A comprehensive highway bill never passed the House.

And conservatives are privately griping about having to vote for an extension of federally subsidized student loan rates.

Republicans know their plan for government subsidized loans would be too heavy a lift right now.

This week, the House will take up two major pieces of legislation: the Violence Against Women Act and the National Defense Authorization Act. The domestic violence bill includes several provisions unpalatable to the Democratic Senate.

Some of the action that conservatives want will happen by necessity as the year progresses. GOP leadership plans to try this summer to extend the Bush tax rates, which expire at the end of the year, although it will likely not vote on its own form of comprehensive reform. Plus, the lame duck session will see the expiration of a smattering of items, including the estate tax, the payroll tax holiday and the reimbursement formula for physicians who treat Medicare patients.

The debt ceiling will once again need to be raised, and deep automatic cuts to the Pentagon are on the horizon. Republicans have a variety of options on health care in the works, depending on how the Supreme Court rules this summer.

The drama illustrates the tricky pull for leadership. Aides say most of the conference’s membership understand that constantly pushing legislation to a Democratic Senate is fruitless — and puts lawmakers on the record on bills that will never become law. But that’s precisely what some are urging the party to do.

The dinner group, which meets frequently, is part of a larger narrative of the 112th Congress. Many lawmakers — not only freshmen — feel that 2011 was a blur. In hindsight, they say, they wish they had fought harder during battles over government funding and the debt ceiling.

“We were young,” Southerland said. “We felt there were some fights we would’ve liked to carry farther in order to fulfill the commitments that we made to shrink the size and scope of the federal government.”

So, in downtime in Washington, lawmakers are busy building new alliances — and strengthening old ones — to gird themselves for the confrontations ahead. Several weeks ago, dozens of freshmen gathered in the party room of a Capitol Hill apartment building, chatting about their lives and upcoming elections over Five Guys hamburgers.

At the Capitol Hill Club dinner, feelings were particularly raw about how leadership is handling the Fast and Furious controversy. Mulvaney turned to Gowdy in front of the group and asked whether contempt is appropriate at this point.

Yes, said Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor.

“I don’t know the speaker well. I know Kevin and Eric very well. I don’t feel at all drummed out by them,” Gowdy said, speaking broadly of his relationship with leadership. But “there’s a sense to not ruffle the waters. My response is, ‘You’re asking people to trust you with the gears of government and leadership. If your sole objective is to just hang on, and not do anything with leadership, that’s not a compelling case.’

“So, if we are being drummed out, it’s our fault. Because the majority of the people in our conference describe themselves as conservative. What you’ll see in the next couple weeks, is push back from the conservatives.”

A famous Revolutionary War phrase: “Got Rope?” …for Traitors and Oath Breakers.


 From the Kickstarter site, Supporter Tim Hulsey posted:


It has happened  too many times throughout history. We have to stand up

and call out the bad guys, including the government. It may not be fun.

It may be dangerous, but it has to be done. The power of the federal

government is certainly real  and intimidating, but who besides the citizens,

for whom they work, can make  them accountable?


Here is a great interview of Mike at Breitbart’s Big Hollywood – take a look.


 At the Heart of this endeavor – “Citizen Journalism.”



                                                   Journalist David Codrea


                            Author Michael Vanderboegh

The concept of Citizen Journalism is basic to the history of our Nation.  At our country’s founding, Thomas Payne simply took up pen and paper and wrote eloquently of the issues facing the American colonies.

Now private citizens including the outraged journalist David Codrea and Michael Vanderboegh do the same for us about the scandal of Eric Holder encouraging guns to be sold and transported across the border to the Mexican Cartels and, as a consequence, being used in the murders of hundreds of Mexican citizens, our Law Enforcement officers and, now we learn, some of our innocent citizens in Mexico and America.  This implicates the Attorney general and those working for him as accessories to murder several times over.  It also could implicate the Attorney General of the United States in an act of war against our neighbor to the south and a literal arming of the enemies of the Mexican government by our own Federal agents.  We don’t yet know if the Attorney General advised the Secretary of State of the shipment of US guns to Mexican Cartels guilty of assassinating Mexican government authorities.  We know that he did not notify the Mexican government of the arming of the Cartels.

If there is a harmless explanation of what happened, we haven’t heard it.  Many of the guns that were sold to the Mexican Cartels are the very guns that the Attorney General sought to ban for sale in this country! 

We should all be at the gates of the White House demanding Justice.  A government that can illegally sell guns in the US to Mexican gangs can illegally sell guns in the US to US gangs.  Let it remind us of the potential that government has for violence against its own citizens. How many more deaths and tragedies are required before the people of this country force the responsible government officials to the bar of justice?

What do we know of the pain of the families of the dead?  At the very least, the US government officials who intended to put the guns in the hands of their killers deserve justice.

The First Amendment has all but been forgotten in the “Fast and Furious” turmoil…

 In a recent article the following head line appears: ”U.S falls to 47th in press freedom rankings after Occupy crackdown.”

The only exceptional reporting on “Fast and Furious” thus far has come from a CBS reporter by the name of Sharyl Attkisson.  The latest significant Attkisson story on Federal Commercial sales going to Cartels can be found at

Beyond Ms. Attkissons noble efforts, it seems that the ability of the press to exercise the muscle of the First Amendment is failing to a large degree.  If the First amendment falters due to a lack of use these would indeed be dark times.  We would suggest an alternative to that possibility; we call for the re-birth of Citizen Journalism.

Not all of us are asleep, nor afraid of the future.  We are not all Thomas Payne’s, nor need we be.  The people who paid for the printing of Payne’s work, or even read his work, promoted Citizen Journalism.   However, today technology has brought us all, many wonderful tools to extend and enrich a search for truth that will feed the spirit of the Republic and nourish Democracy amongst our people.  Yes the internet is one of those tools, and private citizens like Vanderbeogh and journalist Codrea have made good use of it, much to the chagrin of the federal government’s gun runners.  However, more is needed.

We all recognize the power of an image to speak with the power of a thousand words.  COPS Productions has spoken with that voice in the past as the Attorney General and other federal law enforcement officials well know. 

 Why this film at this time…

First and foremost, Members of Congress are failing in their endeavor to bring this issue to closure amid political charges and counter-charges.  We won’t play that game.  We will find out from the people who were there, whistleblowers if you will, and report our findings in the new documentary.  

We have gotten several comments on the review of the Waco incident via our Blog.  None was more simple and compelling than this one from the “K” family…” Dear God, I never knew what kind of country I’m living in.  And to think they appointed this man again, who murdered again.  Brian Terry, an Ice Agent and hundreds of others.  I’ll let others know.”  That last note…” I’ll let others know…” is of utmost importance.  While many of us may not have the talent to make a film and most of us don’t have the kind of money that it takes to do it, we do know others who would be interested in this story.  Collectively we can find the capital to fund this project and we, here at COPS Productions, certainly know how to investigate the subject and make a film about the outcome.  You all have friends and colleagues.  And most of you are on the internet!  


What’s next at COPS Productions …


 What’s next at COPS Productions Blog…Looking for a new way to do our historical business – “keeping an eye on the Federal Government”…will keep you all advised…somethings happening in Texas! 



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  1. Steve April 26, 2012 at 5:07 pm #


    I enjoyed listening to your conversation wth Randy Yarbrough on 4/19/12. Do you know Linda Thompson or have any contact with her?

    • copsproductions April 26, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

      Steve, Not currently, and frankly, I would perfer not to.
      Mike McNulty

  2. Caitlyn Lubahn May 9, 2012 at 1:52 pm #

    Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to assert that I get in fact enjoyed account your blog posts. Anyway I will be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you access consistently fast.

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  4. cali February 3, 2013 at 2:15 pm #

    Thank you for the clarifying post; many of us are aware of the ‘murdering regime’ currently residing in Dc – involved in “Fast and Furious’ incl but not limited only in US/Mexico but, also internationally – stirring the pot to achieve what? Sure, the disarming of the american people is their first goal – but what is the intent of the ‘Fast and Furious’ international? We live in dangerous times; unless ‘we’ those who see with clarity what is happening find a way to bring this into the open. Your blog does just that although we could use millions more.
    On a last note: How long down the road will they use ‘drones’ to kill us ‘undesirables’?

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